History of the Trust

The Charles Pope Memorial Trust (Registered Charity Number: 287591) is a grant awarding, charitable body, operating in the Aylesbury Vale area for the benefit of music students of all ages. 

It was founded in 1983 in memory of Charles Pope, a former teacher at Aylesbury Grammar School, founder of Aylesbury Choral Society, Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra, Aylesbury Consort of Voices, Charles Pope Ladies' Choir and former Charles Pope String Orchestra


Each of the music societies established by Charles Pope is represented on the committee of Trustees and
appear in brackets after the name of the Trustee representing them;

Chairman Mr D Crook       

Vice Chairman Mrs C Beattie       

Hon Secretary Mrs S M Baxter   

Hon Treasurer Mr R A Kirk         

Mrs J Benson (Charles Pope Ladies' Choir)
Mrs A Campbell (Aylesbury Choral Society)
Mrs L Cheshire
Mrs D Golder
Mrs E Mortimer
Mrs L Orchard (Aylesbury Consort of Voices)
Mr P Ramsell (Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra)


Accounts for the financial year ending 31st May 2013;                                  

  Sponsorship £25
  Total £1,369
Expenditure Administration
  Grants £1,403
  Total £1,420
Deficit   (£51)